Estate sales are one of those things that nobody is ever truly prepared to handle. Needing to sell off a house full of items can be overwhelming at first glance, and it does not get easier no matter how long you look at it. The process of selling off an entire estate can often feel like a second full-time job, and as most people do not have the freedom to do that, an Atlanta estate sales company can help in your time of need.

How Estate Sales Work

Estate sales work similarly to auctions. They are most often held after a family member dies, though they can be necessary due to long-distance moves, divorces, or bankruptcy. The big difference between an estate sale and a smaller scale version like a garage sale is the level of organization involved in putting one together.

Professional estate sales companies work towards selling off every item remaining in the home. In most cases, the public is invited into the house to have free reign to browse through the items where prices are clearly displayed on each item, though sometimes there is the opportunity for bargaining.

The estate sale’s exact details will be dependent on the terms of your contract with your estate sales company. In most cases, companies are paid on commission only, with a rate generally between 30-35%. At the end of the sale, the company will deduct their commission from the sale’s proceeds with no upfront fees.

Preparing For Your Estate Sale

A common question that is always asked when preparing for an estate sale is, “should I pre-clean the house or sell off small things?” Generally speaking, the answer to this question is no. While it is a good idea to collect paperwork, photographs, and other items that you know for sure that you wish to keep, it is beneficial for most companies if the house is left alone before the sale.

Many families who attempt to prep the home end up donating or throwing out items that can be sold instead. The primary reason for hiring a professional estate sales company is that they have a practiced understanding of all the things that sell well that the average person likely will not.

Also, most estate sales companies agree that the most successful sales are the ones that have a mix of large and small items of greater and lesser value. When the company takes photos of the home to use for promotional materials, the fuller a house seems, the more likely potential customers will be interested in finding great deals.

Even though most estate sales follow unfortunate events, with a little bit of help, they can be a very cathartic experience that can earn a surprising amount of money. Ensure that you work with an Atlanta estate sales company that will have all of the necessary licenses and insurance, and you will be amazed at how easy the process becomes. Reach out to us through our website and get started as soon as you can!