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Lott’s Treasures Atlanta Estate Sales Reviews

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October 29, 2018

Enjoyed so much working with Steven and Don. I was very impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. They are also truly caring people. What I had delayed and had dreaded, they made so easy and painless. They were great in keeping in contact with me throughout the process as I was not local. Also, I had coins and jewelry in the estate and Don’s knowledge and process of selling these was amazing. Thank you to these guys! I cannot say enough good things about them.

Heather C.

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October 23, 2018

We were thrilled by the professionalism and personal attention from Lotts treasures they staged our items that enhanced our sale and it surpassed our expectations .we highly recommend them for your estate sale Bob and Linda

Robert R.

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October 12, 2018

It was overwhelming to be put in charge of getting rid of the items in my uncle’s 4500+ sqft home but Steven and staff of Lott’s treasures really took care of the situation. They worked very hard to declutter a lot of the stuff and stage them for the sale. I especially liked how I was carried along with every process involved and the transparency of Lott’s treasures. I definitely recommend them for your Estate sales.

Ibidolapo A.

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October 12, 2018

Great professional service from Steve and staff. I will always remember Steve moving items out of my garage 2 hours before closing. Very intense situation but Steve was there for us. Highly recommend.

Reeves E.

Lithia Springs

September 21, 2018

A week after our Lithia Springs sale began and even now I am amazed at the job Lott’s did. In preparation, every time they pulled something out there was more found…our Mother was truly a “collector” with a “good eye”. It was overwhelming the amount of “treasures” even we children found. I would highly recommend Lott’s to anyone, they were tireless in their efforts to make this a successful sale, and it truly was. During the sale they were constantly, tirelessly working with customers, pulling out more things to fill in an empty area where something had already sold, carefully packing purchases, and keeping us apprised of the progress. These folks are compassionate, caring, AND very professional and open to doing all that is necessary to make a sale be the best it can be. Steve, Don, and staff….you all rock for sure!!! THANK YOU!!

Brenda Sewell

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September 11, 2018

Lott’s treasures was truly a life saver when it came to handling my aunt’s estate. I can’t thank them enough, and I highly recommend them to anyone who faces a similar situation. They are the best!

Ben D.

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September 4, 2018

After my mom died I was pretty overwhelmed. My mom had a 6000 SQ ft home that was packed full of a lifetime of belongings that I couldn’t possibly hold on to. Especially since I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Chicago. My wife found Lott’s Treasures when we were were googling trying to find experienced trustworthy people who could manage an estate sale without us having to be there. When Steve came to first see my mom’s house he was incredibly warm and seemed very capable. After speaking with him and reviewing the contract we decided to go with his company over the other companies we interviewed. The percentage he charged was more expensive than some of the others (40%) but that made sense based off of how large my mom’s house was, how much stuff she had, and how many people he’d need to staff the house for the three day sale. It evened out since the proceeds from the sale far exceeded what we were expecting which was a nice surprise. I think that’s all down to their professionalism and their great advertising. Also, they carefully went through my mom’s belongings and found some personal items that I must have missed and they made sure to keep those items separate and box them up for me. I’d absolutely recommend them to anyone needing estate sale services!

Nichelle R.

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August 22, 2018

I had an excellent experience working with the Lott’s Treasure crew. They handled an estate sale for one of my properties. They are very punctual, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them as the best estate sale company in Greater Atlanta.

Tamiko L.

Two Words - They CARE

August 12, 2018

Two Words – They CARE When I faced with the daunting task of liquidating the contents of my mother’s home, I kept putting it off. I was scared. I was sad. I was mad. I didn’t have the benefit of family to help me so I felt the entire world was on my shoulders. I had convinced myself that getting rid of her things would be like getting rid of her. Any company that would work with me on the estate sale would have to be able to handle not only the staging and execution of the sale, but also deal with my emotions and concerns. I had been to estate sales in the past (ironically that was something Mom loved to do) and I was sometimes shocked by the things that went on. I’ve seen things stolen, broken, and worst of all, items being degraded by the staff. “That’s not worth anything, just take it!” This being said, before I selected an estate sale company, I spend hours on the internet researching the best companies and I then went to eight different sales over a four week period. One of the of those companies was Lott’s Treasures. This is why I chose them. Being such an emotional event, your estate sale team must be capapble of gaining your trust, understanding your feelings and supporting your personal decisions. Don and Steve know the business and know how and when to wear the different hats that come with the event. As an “A” type personality, I have a very hard time trusting anyone, but after meeting the gentlemen at the house and speaking to their past customers, I felt a confidence that I could actually step back and let them work their magic. What a sigh of relief! Their team work for days staging the house. When I walked in the day before the sale, I was astonished as everything was organized, prices were clearly shown and signage was placed all around the community and main roads. Their website was filled with information on the sale and pictures of the products. The flow of traffic was created so that no one would just WALK out with anything. I was impressed – but still emotional about it. Don and Steve both said “we’ll take care you and your Mom’s things!” The sale started and I took their advice and didn’t attend the sale until the final hour. When I arrived I was shocked to see so many things gone and spoke with several customers who come to “Lott’s events” from all over the Southern USA. Don and Steve know their business and their attendees swear by them. In fact, if you have something unique, Don and Steve will call buyers who they know are looking for such items. They respond to your questions (via text or email) very quickly. They take care of your house and your items. Your house is left empty and clean. Most importantly, I can say with my whole heart, that they CARE about their clients. Isn’t that the only question the really needs to be answered? If you need an estate sale company, without hesitation, I recommend Don and Steve (Lott’s Treasures). I not only had a successful sale but I gained two friends.

Kevin Dankosky

Lori Y.

July 19, 2018

I could not possibly be any any happier with Don and Steve at Lott’s Treasures!! They did the estate sale at my parents home and did an outstanding job!! From the very first meeting I knew I was with the right people. They were so fair, compassionate, and understanding about this process. Also, they were very easy to work with and quick to respond when I had questions. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome as well. I can only give five stars but I would’ve given 10!! Thank you Don and Steve!!

Lori Y.