About Us

Hi, my name is Steven Lott. My life began in what I consider to be one of the greatest parts of our great country, Georgia. Being raised with two sisters and a brother, I got to see how outstanding and awesome both my parents were. Their diligence gave me a complete understanding of the term “Hard Work.” Their example helped me to understand those in need and to be involved and caring with people. I am where I am today because of my faith, family and friends. To them goes the credit.


For years I have gone to estate sales and auctions. It has really opened my eyes and given me a better perspective on what could have been done better as well as what would have worked better for the customer. In short it has given me insight into making Estate Sale Services a more lucrative experience for you. It has given me the freedom to loosen the tie, put away the dress clothes and be comfortable knowing that I am in a position that allows me to be involved in your community.

  • Reliable We are dependable and you can count on us.
  • Responsive– We act quickly to help you with your needs.
  • Empathetic We listen to you and are sensitive to your needs and feelings
  • Competent- We are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you.

It affords me the opportunity to help you with important matters in your life such as downsizing, family moving or the loss of a loved one. I care about the industry that I am in and moreover want Lott’s Treasures to be known as “the estate sales company that cares”.


The retail industry has kept me very busy over the last 36 years with an adventure at almost every turn. I’ve received training in business operations, marketing and valuation. My roots began in store management, then district management, followed by corporate management. Not only that, but I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in management training.

I have received numerous awards for top sales and training which all culminates to one thing, being here for you.


Don Robinette – He is a people person. When it comes to people he is patient and can clearly voice his thoughts to others. The way he extends himself to others drew me to him to be a part of this company. He is professional, smart, objective and determined to correctly resolve any issue for you so that you can have the assurance that a great guy is working for you and your family. He also has an extensive aquatic sales and maintenance background.

The team: Don, Kitty, Elsa, Jeri, Kevin, Ed, Pat, Amy, Johntae, Whitney, Catrina.– I believe that I have chosen the best. Most of the staff are not only friends, but professionals whom I have worked with over 30+ years.

As a professional family we will do our very best to make sure that you and your family have not only a profitable and successful estate sale, but an experience that was pleasant and kind.

We look forward to a great estate sale with you and yours.

Lott’s Treasures Estate Sale LLC


Over time, we have come across many reputable companies. During that time, we also often get asked for recommendations by our own clients. Here are a few of them below.