After the Estate Sale

What We Do

  1. Remaining Items

    This would need to be discussed prior to the sale as this is not an included service.

  2. “Wow, what a mess.”

    We will be mindful of your possessions and property. We will clean as we go and remove any trash that accumulated as a result of the sale. Additional services for more thorough cleanings are available at an hourly rate and we would be more than happy to discuss these options with you.

  3. The House Key

    Arrangements will be made to return your keys.

  4. Receipt of Funds

    Within 7 days of the sale’s end, you will receive a cashier’s check.

What You Do

  1. How did we do?

    We really would like to know. Your feedback is important. Letting us know what you thought was great and what we could have done better are genuinely appreciated. Here at Lott’s Treasures we’re constantly striving to do our best to better serve clients like you.

  2. Referrals

    Even with the power of the Internet and texting, word of mouth is very powerful. Let your friends know about Lott’s Treasures and how we can help them.