Right now there are a few items that see at almost every other sale that typically are still remaining after the sale:

  • Pianos & Organs – unless it is a Steinway.  Pianos and organs can be very hard to find a new home for.  Sometimes they sell , sometimes they don’t.
  • Older Furniture-if furniture is outdated (and not considered antique or vintage) it can sometimes be hard to sell. If it is stained, ripped or has pet or smoke odors it can also be hard to sell.
  • Older electronics – cabinet TV’s and stereos, some are considered collectible and vintage, others are just considered outdated.
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Curio or wardrobe cabinets.
  • Items that are chipped, cracked or damaged.
  • Regardless, if you have any of these items in your estate we ask that you leave them in place until we have had the opportunity to assess them.