Upcycling is “in” right now. Atlanta Estate sales provide a great opportunity to take one person’s junk and turn it into your very own upcycled treasures! For example, at estate sales, it’s easy to find dressers at rock bottom prices. If you need a dresser, this is a great way to get one. Then you simply clean and paint or stain it (if desired). What if you already have plenty of dressers? It may be worth it to get another one or two for upcycling purposes. Here’s how you can take that old dresser and turn it into amazing home decor.

Upcycling Dresser Drawers:

When you get your new old dresser home, you’ll want to give it a good cleaning. Remove all the drawers and give them each a good scrub. Depending on how you decide to use them, you may have some sanding, staining, or painting to do. Remember that stick-on shelf liners can easily add nice colors and patterns in the bottom of the drawer.

  1. Deep drawers make drawer tables. If they are deep enough, you can set them with the handle facing up and turn them into tables. With a little bit of sanding and a fresh coat of pain, these can add a nice touch to sitting rooms or porches.
  2. Turn drawers into shelves. Drawers can make great wall shelves or stackable shelves. The sides, front, and back can be stained or painted, but consider using stickers or shelf liners in the bottom to give it some flare. Put them in the bathroom to hold towels and clothes, in a bedroom with figurines (with a little work you can turn shallow drawers into shadow boxes), or in the kitchen to display decorative pieces or for use as a spice rack. Depending on the size of the drawers, they could even be used to hold toys, books, or pictures. Just remember to make sure they have the proper support if you’re filling them with heavier items.
  3. Large drawers can be made into pet beds for cats or small dogs. Paint them, put some short feet on them if desired, and fill with blankets or pillows.
  4. Flower and herb boxes made from drawers. The trick here is to keep the wood from rotting, so make sure you line with a heavy-duty plastic. By drilling holes in the bottom and using the plastic to funnel the water out, you can protect the drawer and provide drainage for the plants. You can give the drawers a rustic look, or paint them bright and pretty to match their flowers. Set them on tables, hang them from the walls, or place them on stairs.

Repurposing the Dresser:

With the drawers removed, you’ll be able to clean the dresser. Make sure to clean it inside and out. Again, you’ll probably have some sanding and painting to do, so be ready with those tools and supplies.

  1. Dressers can also make great shelving. This is a great way to make a nice bookcase or shelves for kid’s clothes or toys. In the kitchen this is a nice place to stack pots and pans, dishes, or glasses.
  2. Use it as a console table. Console tables can easily be made from dressers that aren’t very deep, and they can add a nice touch to a room or hallway. If you don’t want to use the shelves, face them against the wall. You can then paint and decorate the sides and back of the dresser. Add a creative flair by painting a mural or using large wall stickers.
  3. This is your cheap ticket for a kitchen island! If you’ve always wanted an island for your kitchen, this is a great way to make your own! Use the shelves for pots and pans. Finish off the top of the dresser with tile or wood. Just make sure when you seal the wood or tile that you use a food safe varnish or sealant.